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Welcome to Club One10

 Invite only club 2021 now SOLD OUT!!!

Club One10

Club One10 is an invite only club – aimed at players who wish to improve their scores and have the drive and work ethic to practice with purpose.

This unique club will run for 4 months from March – June and will consist of 5 x 2 hour sessions. The cost to join Club One10 is £125 and the group size will be limited.

Club One10 players will be grouped with those of similar ability and age, perfect for those looking to perform better in 2021.

Please email to book your space. Payment is not required until 20th February 2021. I will send an invoice as a reminder nearer the time.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Dave Corsby

Session One - Four The Short Game

Competitive practice games designed to be played against yourself. This will cover the four short game shots. Standard Chip, Chip & Run, Lob Shot & Bunker Shot. The outcome of the session will enable the player to calibrate their chipping action quickly and how to change for different ground conditions. The player will leave with a personal bench mark to monitor performance.

Session Two - Pitching Skills Part 1

Focus will be on 25 - 70 yards. Players will be challenged to a range of tasks whilst exploring flight control. The aim of this session is to understand how to deliver a wedge consistently and maintain the control of ball flight. Players will compete against one another and leave with a yardage ladder for this distance.

Session Three - Pitching Skills Part 2

Focus will be on longer pitch shots to full shots varying from 70 - 110 Yards. This will test the players yardages, distance control and dispersion. The players will know an average proximity following the session which they can aim to improve on their own.

Session Four - Putting

Various putting stations will be laid out with different drills. These will range from pace control, start line, green reading and lag putting. There will also be a technical station which players can utilise to improve performance. This will provide a technical element to leave with and work on, along with the knowledge of how to set up drills to help enhance their putting in their own time.

Session Five - Testing & Analysis Phase

Score & Performance based testing in practice is the only evidence whether you are going to perform better in a tournament. If you are getting improvements in practice, it is only a matter of time until it shows in tournament play. This session will put the player through the areas covered and identify where to focus their time during practice. Following this you will leave with a clear personal practice plan with clarity how to improve your scores.

dave corsby golf coach

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Please email to book your space. Payment is not required until 20th February 2021. I will send an invoice as a reminder nearer the time.

If you have not heard anything from me within 48 hours, please check your Junk folder.